Domestic Violence

by Marie Lipowicz, Managing Member of The Lipowicz Law Firm

Domestic violence occurs in every community regardless of social, economic, educational circumstances and backgrounds.  Victims of domestic violence may be young or old, gay or straight, rich or poor.  They may be from any racial or religious back gound.

Domestic violence is not limited to those cares where a husband is beating his spouse.  Domestic violence, which Missouri refers to as “Adult Abuse,” is a pattern of coercive control in which one person either physically harms another or arouses fear, prevents a partner from doing what they wish or even force a partner to behave in ways they do not want to that is against their will.

Adult abuse may include the use of physical or sexual violence, threats or intimidation, emotional abuse and even economic deprivation.  Many victims feel that they are not in need of medical care they are not abused.  Humiliation, isolation, intimidation, denial and blame can be just as serious as physical abuse.

Domestic violence occurs between spouses, people living together, regardless of romance or people who are even dating.  It includes those same-sex relationships.  Men can be abused as well as women.  People are being stalked are also considered victims of abuse.

It is critical to find an attorney that understands that any type of of abuse is serious.  It should be investigated and taken seriously.  Research shows that the victim is at greatest danger at the time they leave.  Coordination with domestic violence victim advocates and the police are important in resolving these issues.

The attorneys at The Lipowicz Law Firm will help abused individuals find safety, both emotionally and physically. 

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